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My Create PT Wealth experience


I spent two days last week as a guest of Brad and Jason at their Create PT Wealth Business Building Bootcamp. I can save you reading this entire post by saying;

If you’re a Personal Trainer, get along to one of these two day workshops – there is much to be gained and very little to lose.

Many Trainers go into business at a disadvantage. There is often very little knowledge or experience in marketing or sales and, unfortunately, taking great Training sessions alone is not enough to guarantee your success.

This course has a huge number of actionable ideas and concepts that, if implemented, are likely to make back the cost of the workshop within a couple of months, if not much sooner.

Wouldn’t this information be covered in the courses (RTO or Uni)? Possibly, but it’s hard for any student to appreciate the importance of the business component without any experience in a business setting. Especially with distractions that include the science of training, anatomy, nutrition, etc. It’s also unlikely there are too many lecturers with the experience of Brad and Jason in this area, both in course content and delivery.

And not just their experience of things that work. Brad and Jason both candidly share the failures that have helped shape their approach and their systems. After 81 workshops of this type, it was clear that they were ready for pretty much every question or circumstance a Trainer might present them with. Every answer they provided was concise and actionable.

Taking action is key to the success of their presentation. Throughout the two days Brad and Jason made it clear that learning without action was useless. The real value in this workshop would be realised in the weeks following this Business Bootcamp.

While these workshops deliver enormous value to those that attend, they are unashamedly a warm up to their business coaching service.

This was obvious from the outset but on only one occasion did I feel the push was excessive. Having said that, it could be argued that many people need that point of conscious choice otherwise they’ll put off the decision until they’ve forgotten why it was so important in the first place!

Did I get anything out of the two days even though I’m not a Trainer? Absolutely. Much of what was presented was applicable for anyone in any business. I was under no obligation to stay for the two days, but I enjoyed listening to both the presenters and the questions asked by those at the workshop. It was also a pleasure to see how tight their systems were pre, post and during the two days.

Do you want to know more about Create PT Wealth? Start here.

Incidentally, I receive no kick-back for this write up. My goal is to help industry professionals enjoy successful careers. To this end, I believe the team at CPTW can help.

What’s your experience of the Business Building Bootcamp? Please include them in the comments below.



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