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Access to HealthyPeople Professionals Saved a Failing Job Ad


We recently advertised a senior sales role for Adam Wilson of BTC Life in Brisbane.

Without success.

There were a number of applications, but despite our best efforts with the promotion of the job and changes to wording, none of the candidates that applied were a suitable fit for the role.

To help out, I upgraded Adam’s account, giving him access to candidates within 15km of his facility. I also provided a few instructions on how he might make the best use of the available connections.

Result – The role was filled.

With just a little effort, Adam was able to go beyond the limitations of job advertising. In particular, …

  • Adam did not restrict himself to those actively looking.
  • He approached many candidates that had not been active on HealthyPeople for a few months.
  • Adam only approached those that had a short description in their profile.
    “If they can’t be bothered writing a couple of lines, it’s not a good start”
  • Adam did not download a candidate’s CV. Instead, he sent a short positive email with key points of interest (directly benefiting the candidate) about the job ad and asked them to send a CV if interested.
    “I wanted to see the candidates invest some effort”
  • Adam did not send a link to the job ad for them to apply, as he felt this was adding unnecessary steps. It would also water-down the pleasure of being personally approached by the employer.

According to Adam, all those he approached got back to him within 48 hours. The result was a number of more promising candidates than those that applied for the advertised role.

The successful candidate had not been active on HealthyPeople for months, had been running his own Personal Training business and, while not actively looking, had been considering a move into a new role. Adam’s email arrived at the perfect time.

Adam identified a few key benefits in approaching people on our database.

  • While Adam did expect some effort on behalf of the candidate, he believed that a direct approach by an employer sits well with ‘Gen Y’, who are often labelled (justly or not) as expecting things to fall in their lap.
  • As a small facility with little brand recognition, it’s already a tough sell to have your job ad amongst more recognised names.
  • By approaching candidates directly, especially those not actively looking, he wasn’t competing with “50 other opportunities on Seek”.

Access to the HealthyPeople database is a valuable option for finding staff, but it does requires a small change in your recruiting approach.

Employers need to accept that being a passive recipient of candidates has it’s limitations, especially in this competitive market, and that active pursuit of great candidates is the key to building stronger a business.

As Adam has demonstrated, a little bit of effort can go a long way.

Ready for a modern recruitment solution? Start with our 4 Month + 1 AD deal.



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