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Better a CV on HealthyPeople Than at the Front Desk


There are a number of reasons why it’s better for an employer to encourage local candidates to register via HealthyPeople than leave their CV at the front desk. For this reason, we created a window sticker for our clients. Here’s a copy of the letter we’re sending with it…


Dear [Club Owner],

Thank you for the opportunity to help you connect with fitness staff in your area.

We want you to get the most from HealthyPeople, and the best way to do that is to get more local candidates online, where it’s easier for you reach them and fill your available roles.

Included with this letter is a window sticker to help make this happen.

Why CV’s are best NOT dropped at the front desk…

  • It’s an interruption to business
  • CV details are often out of date (or lost) when needed
  • CVs on file cannot be updated by the candidate as skills, exp., availability, change
  • Staff taking the details may not be aware of the business’s current needs

Alternatively, local candidates on HealthyPeople…

  • Are always available,
  • Are easily found,
  • Will have up to date contact details,
  • Will include their most recent CV,
  • Show whether they’re actively looking for work,
  • Will even show when last active on HealthyPeople,
  • List the job categories they are interested in.

We hope you’ll use this sticker to encourage local candidates to be more accessible.

$50 FOR A FACEBOOK POST! How about some easy money? Use Facebook to share a photo of the sticker on your window (tag us so we see it) and we’ll gift you a $50 credit to put towards your next job ad OR access to the HealthyPeople database.

Have a great week and please get in touch if you have any questions (03 9021 0836).

Regards, D.


To get your HealthyPeople ‘Join the Team’ sticker, drop a comment below or email me.

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