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5 Easy Ways to Get New Clients (for free!)


I’m pleased to present another guest post by Jenni McFaull of GymSales

Everyone wants to increase their bottom line and that means “hunting” for more Prospects and Leads to convert into new Customers. Without those precious new leads, the funnel dries up and it all goes very quiet.

If you are experiencing a “quiet time” it’s because you have not generated enough leads through your activity.

Action creates reaction. Keep moving and your actions will drive leads to the door, stop moving and you will die.

So how do you generate leads without spending a fortune?

Firstly, it’s important to plan your activity so you do something every day that keeps your brand in front of your potential customers.

  1. Referral is your strongest tool. When a new customer thanks you for a great service, it’s a great time to ask them if they know anyone else who would benefit from your  services. This will often provide some very good leads and will cost you nothing.
  2. Social Media can be your best friend (if you look after the relationship). Actively managing your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts is a great way to keep your brand in front of your future customers. Use your social media to share testimonials, blogs, fun articles, photos and videos to your followers. Be warned, creating accounts and ignoring them can be more damaging than not having an account in the first place.
  3. Design a Blog and post articles on websites, newsletters, Facebook and LinkedIn. A blog with key words will help potential Customers find you on Google and recognise you as an expert in your field. As with social media, this is something that needs to be actively managed.
  4. Dormant Leads are often forgotten because they said “No” at some point. You need to remember that ‘No’ today is not always ‘No’ tomorrow. Reach out to your old leads once every 6 months and see how many you can reignite again. Don’t ever delete a lead.
  5. Local business networks can help you to connect to the right people. Start by finding out what an ideal customer looks like for them and offer your support in generating them some new leads (you might even be able to negotiate a discounted offer for your clients). This increases the likelihood of them referring clients to you. Something you can encourage by creating additional value for their customers.

So, before you lose sleep over a decline in new business, or spend a significant portion of your marketing budget, make sure you’re tapping into these five free lead generation tactics. Again, keep moving and your actions will drive leads to your door.

GymSales can manage all your communication with potential Customers – Create a plan and connect with all leads throughout the year using Campaigns that are time specific and/or include special offers. FITREC recognised? GymSales have a special offer for you.

To talk to Jenni about GymSales and see how it can help grow your business, email her at or call on 0435171152.


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