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Personal Trainers; 5 Ways to Treat Your Small Business Like it’s BIG.


It’s a pleasure to have a guest post today from Anthea Altamura of FitBiz. I’ve known Anthea and her partner David for many years. They’ve successfully run their own clubs – so well in fact, that their group training program, GO!45, is now licensed by clubs throughout Australia. Via FitBiz they’ve helped many fitness businesses (and Trainers) increase profits . More recently, they’ve begun developing new fitness professionals via FitCollege. Over to you Anthea…

As a consultant to the fitness industry, I’m still surprised at the number of Personal Trainers that start their businesses with so little planning or tools in place.

A typical PT business plan is often a Facebook page, fitness registration in the back pocket and boom! We’re open for business.

It’s important for Trainers to look at where they want to be in five years time and create the building blocks to match it, right from the get go.

In this way, you’re less likely to miss new opportunities, less likely to out grow your business and more likely to present as the professionally run, well organised business your discerning buyer is willing to pay for.

For example, your back end business systems and procedures should allow you to work effortlessly, whether you have 5 clients a week down at the local park, or 300+ clients a month spread over 3 different trainers.

Here are my top 5 absolute must do’s before you put your new business out there…

1. Prepare a business plan;

Keep it simple, straight forward and relevant to your needs. If you’d like a basic template, please email me at

2. Get to know your market;

Here’s a fun fact… 95% of new trainers looking to start a new business, will operate within 5km of where they live (most are within 2km). If you are going to specialise in a particular training style, make it one that the majority of your community will take to. Look at the community you will be operating within and understand their needs. If you operate in a location full of empty nesters, the phone at your “Muscle Up/Cage Fit” club is not likely to ring off the hook. So either match the business model to your market, or move your business model to where the demographic are more likely to respond.

3. Your brand;

What do you look like from the eye of your prospective buyer? Ensure your business name, logo, brand colours, uniform, blogs, images, language and tone of advertising and posts give the right first impression. You don’t have to go big and flashy! More often than not, many businesses find that communities respond best to a brand that looks friendly, professional and local. [Remember, if you don’t create the first impression, the client will assign you one – D.]

4. Systemise everything!

Begin building your operations manual. From how to take a phone call, run your training sessions, to how you process a membership cancellation. Ensure every vital part of running your business day to day has a set procedure to follow. This manual will represent your business needs now, while also steering it to where it needs to be in five years time. Systems and procedures are a working document allowing you to improve on them over time as you recognise a better way of doing things. The great thing about an operations manual with set procedures is that it sets the standard in which tasks are performed and ensures you stay organised and accountable no matter how busy you become.

5. Become the communications expert;

Many trainers start off well in this department, it’s easy to show a lot of love and attention to a small amount of clients. However think about how you are going to give everyone the same attention and communication when your numbers grow, while Facebook is an excellent communicator, not everyone is on it and nothing beats a regular personal message. Now is the time to plan for five star communication to the masses!

Planning and building your business now for what you want it to be in the future will upgrade you from personal trainer to a fitness business professional. It will simplify your business back end and get you back to doing what you love most.

Would you like to chat about your business? Need more information? Contact us.

Anthea Altamura
FitBiz Australia


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