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6 Selling Tips to make your Fitness Business BOOM! (part 2)

Welcome to part two of this FILEX guest post by Steve Jensen

Steve Jensen is founder and CEO of Impact Training Corporation and National Sales Academy. He’s helped boost profits for thousands of fitness businesses in Australia and around the world. In this two-part blog, Steve shines a light on six ‘essentials’ for sales success. 

In Part 1 of this two-part blog series, we were introduced to the first three tips to help your fitness business boom;

Tip 1. Find the right people
Tip 2. Train your team
Tip 3. Establish commonality.

Here are my three final tips to lift your sales to impressive new levels.

Tip 4. Always qualify strongly

Once rapport has been created a successful sales professional will qualify all prospects.

The art of qualification is between 80% to 90% of the success of each sale.

If you have commonality then the prospect will allow you to find their problem.

It is crucial for all sales people to understand that the biggest motivator of human behaviour is the avoidance of pain and the movement towards pleasure. So once the prospect has told the sales person their pain and their product or service will be the solution then the sale will usually occur.

A great question to use after the problem has been established is ‘How good will it be once [insert solution] has been achieved?’ Listen to the response and then ask ‘How would you feel, in comparison, if everything stayed the same?’ Again, listen to their response and then say ‘Don’t worry by using [insert your product or service] you’ll be well on the way to rectifying the problem.’ Key to this is establishing commonality, as per Tip 3.

Tip 5. Give the client what they want

Many sales are lost because the sales person thought they knew best. Listen to what your prospect tells you then tailor each tour or explanation of your product or service to give them a personalised solution. Teach them some ways to achieve their result and show them you and your team are experts in doing that.

Remember, every purchase is an endeavour by the prospect to find a solution to their problem. If a person comes to a club after rapport is established and they tell you they want to loose weight because they think they are too big for their liking, all you need to do is ensure that they really want the result and then show them how your club and services will help them get the solution.

Give the prospect what they want, inspire them and they will buy.
Tip 6. Ask for the business

Did you know, 68 per cent of sales are not made because they are not asked for?

Sales are often lost because the salesperson is uncomfortable about asking for the sale, simply because they fear rejection. If everything else has been done well, then the act of closing the sale should be a natural progression.

One simple strategy to increase closing rates is to test close regularly throughout your presentation; this can be done by asking questions to test the buy temperature. The more small agreements you receive, the more likely the prospect will be to making a larger one later on. The more specific you make a test close, the more effective it will be. For example, many people use the test close ‘Can you see yourself training here?’ but this is not effective as it is not tailored or specific. To improve this test close make it more specific; for example, ‘So Christine, can you see yourself working with your trainer at this club, to reduce weight around your tummy and thighs, so your ready for your holiday in December? How good is that going to be?’

Once the solution has been presented, closing is achieved by asking a few questions. Many salespeople only provide prospects with one choice to buy, but when closing the sale you should always give the prospect TWO options to buy; this will increase your success. Use alternative choice questions like, ‘So which way are leaning more towards is it the (A way) or the (B way)?’ and then ask for the sale.

Never ask them to ‘pay’, as this will take the prospect into a logical way of thinking, which helps create objections. Instead, always ask the prospect to ‘Fix that up’, ‘Take care of that’ or ‘Look after that’, and again give them two options to choose from. For example, ‘How would you like to take care of that – cheque or savings?’

The complete closing should be practiced daily and should be second nature for a salesperson to perform.

A complete closing sequence would go like this:

‘So Christine, which way are you leaning more towards is it the A way or is it the B?’
Wait for the decision and then say ‘Great, so all we need to do now is fix up a little bit of paperwork, and we can then get you ready for your holiday in December. So Christine, how do want to take care of that – is it cheque or savings?’ Listen, and when they say ‘savings’ you then say ‘So it’s savings is it?’, and they will say ‘yes’, then you would continue by saying ‘Okay, I’ll take care of that now and lets get you ready for your trip – are you excited?’

Always conclude the conversation by returning to the pleasure they want, as this will have the prospect thinking emotionally, thus increasing the probability of the sale and reducing the possibility of getting an objection.

Steve’s session at FILEX is called ‘Your one Chance to Close the Sale’ (Sun. 1 May, C3C). 

FILEX is a three-day educational conference where 2,500+ people who work in the fitness industry come together to learn new techniques, tips and ideas to help them further succeed in their roles. The event is owned and delivered by Australian Fitness Network, the industry’s original and leading membership organisation for fitness professionals and businesses. 

FILEX 2016 is on in Melbourne from 29 April to 1 May.



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