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Being a Fitness Professional is a Way of Life.

Being a fitness professional is more than a career, it’s a way of life!

The greatest amongst us live and breathe fitness. They maintain their own training schedule and (for the greater part) live in a manner befitting their profession.

In fitness, unlike in other professions, your achievements outside of work (that is, not formal education or experience) can be a positive influence your on ability to relate to, and support, clients.

For this reason, we’ve added an ACHIEVEMENTS section to FITREC profiles.

What sort of thing might we be talking about?

  • Achieved a certain level as an amateur or professional athlete
  • Completed a significant event (fun run, marathon, triathlon, etc)
  • Experienced a transformational weight loss
  • Reached/passed a professional or personal milestone
  • Other health, fitness, work related achievements….

The below example is from my profile. In our industry, this could provide a good conversation starter for a potential client, provide confidence for someone looking to complete a swim of this nature or simply show that I ‘walk the walk’.


Added to sections for EDUCATION, WORK HISTORY and REFERENCES, the ACHIEVEMENTS section on FITREC profiles provides greater insight into you as an industry professional.

Have you added your ACHIEVEMENTS to your FITREC profile? If not, log in here to get started.

Haven’t got a FITREC profile? Sign up today, it could do great things for your fitness career.

If you have any questions about this or other elements of FITREC, please get in touch.

FITREC is a service for the fitness industry provided by HealthyPeople.


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