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6 Selling Tips to make your Fitness Business BOOM! (part 1)

Welcome to the first of our FILEX guest post editions

Many industry people will be familiar with Steve Jensen, founder and CEO of Impact Training Corporation and National Sales Academy. He’s helped boost profits for thousands of fitness businesses in Australia and around the world. In this two-part blog, Steve shines a light on six ‘essentials’ for sales success. 

Selling is a learned skill that can be improved with constant practice.

It’s the lifeblood of any business and a well trained sales team will make a MASSIVE difference to any bottom line. Here are my six tips for maximising sales within your fitness business…

Tip 1. Constantly be on the lookout for the RIGHT people

Even if a position is not currently available, there is always space for a great candidate!

Happy, friendly and approachable people should top your ‘most-wanted’ list because job skills can be taught, but personality and attitude cannot. Other qualities to look for include, honesty, hard working, enthusiasm, and an ability to show initiative and be self-motivated.

When looking for potential candidates, existing staff members are a good place to start. Include job advertisements in the pay packets of your employees, or display them in the staff room. The advantage of recruiting internally is that you don’t have to worry about whether they will fit into your club culture and the way you do business.

Tip 2. Train your team

“It is more expensive not to train your people and have them stay. than to train your
people and have them leave” – Zig Ziglar

All staff, not just your sales team, should know about the eight-step selling cycle: prospecting, initial contact, qualification, the tour/explanation, price presentation, overcoming objections, closing the sale and referrals.

When people understand the big picture of a business they feel pride in their knowledge and are more likely to become informed advocates for your club. Have your sales staff tour and present to the instructors, and have the instructors train the salespeople. When people experience other people’s jobs first-hand, they develop a healthy respect for each other and are more willing to work as a cohesive team.

After any type of workshop training or seminar, the implementation and reinforcement process is the key to ensuring that a sales and management team adopt the new selling skills. Continual reinforcement will be the major catalyst to ensure success in the utilisation of these sales techniques and strategies. To make any training effective, it must be an ongoing process and reinforced regularly by senior staff and management.

Tip 3. Recognise the value of commonality

Finding something in common in the first two minutes of meeting someone will increase the probability of a sale because the prospect will open up and tell you the truth. Many salespeople say they understand how to create commonality, but when you take a good look at most sales professionals in action, this skill is done poorly and commonality is not actually established.

Salespeople who are able to master this skill and combine it with a sales process usually have higher closing rates and make the most amount of sales. An easy rule to follow is to make commonality a priority; this will assist in creating massive rapport with prospects. Once massive rapport is created, the prospect will buy from you quite easily.

Selling is a skill that can be learned, but it needs to be practiced daily. To maximise any business’ income potential, it is necessary to learn all the basic selling skills and perform them well. By becoming a continuous student in the art of sales and communication, selling will become easier and a lot more fun.

I look forward to seeing you here next week for three essential tips to close the sale.

Steve’s session at FILEX is called ‘Your one Chance to Close the Sale’ (Sun. 1 May, C3C). 

FILEX is a three-day educational conference where 2,500+ people who work in the fitness industry come together to learn new techniques, tips and ideas to help them further succeed in their roles. The event is owned and delivered by Australian Fitness Network, the industry’s original and leading membership organisation for fitness professionals and businesses. 

FILEX 2016 is on in Melbourne from 29 April to 1 May.



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