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You are what you post.


I’ve said this many times, if you’re applying for jobs…

Employers are checking out your social media presence (especially Facebook) before they bother calling your references.

If you’re not locking down your social accounts, you need to be sure that what you post (and what others post about you) reflects the way you wish to be seen.

The following post was on the profile of a candidate applying for jobs with one of our clients (censoring mine).


Quite likely posted for laughs. However, in this instance, an employer was on the fence about proceeding with an interview. This post did not reflect the type of person the employer wanted looking after her hard earned clients (this was not the only questionable post). The application process for this candidate ended here.

It cuts both ways though, if this is how the candidate rolls, maybe the job was not a good fit after all. In this case, no harm done.

Having said that, ALL fitness employers spend a lot of time, money and effort building up a client base. I suspect that if this is the way the candidate rolls, they’re most likely applying for jobs in the wrong industry.


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