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Professional Registration – It’s for Employers



OK, professional registration is a chance for us to assist fitness professionals with their career development, but as much as anything…

Professional registration has always been for fitness employers.

It’s a way to confirm that professional development has been maintained. Which, in turn, helps to ensure that the services provided by employed professionals are at a higher standard.

And this is why FITREC has taken fitness registration further.

A RATING SYSTEM. FITREC profiles take into account three important professional factors (experience, education and references) and convert them to a score out of 300. While new professionals are likely to rate less than 100, seasoned professionals will rate north of 200. This rating system can be made visible to clients, more easily justifying Personal Training fee variation.

VIEW WORK HISTORY. This is something never before included in registration profiles. Now employers can see at a glance, in a well presented format, what makes up a candidate’s professional background.

VIEW ALL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. With an increasing array of development opportunities, we’re seeing an increasing number of popular development opportunities that are not seeking traditional recognition (eg. CrossFit). For this reason we have allowed professionals to include ALL professional development on their profiles.

SEE INDUSTRY SPECIFIC REFERENCES. Nothing speaks more for a candidate than industry relevant endorsements. FITREC profiles make it possible for professionals to allow employers, industry peers and clients to speak on their behalf.

WE ENFORCE MINIMUM EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS. With the ability to attach certificates to a profile we can confirm, quickly and easily, that every candidate has maintained their professional development. No honour system, no random audits. Even better, employers can see the very same qualifications and certificates for themselves.

CANDIDATES HAVE A UNIQUE URL. With short and sweet URLs (chosen by the professional) it’s easy to find and view the details of any candidate and, where required, forward to other managers or clients as required.

ACTIVE PROFILE = ACTIVE REGISTRATION. It’s simple, if you visit the unique URL and there is no active profile, then that candidate is no longer recognised.

SOCIAL SHARE LINKS. As an employer, there is value in sharing the accomplishments of your team. If you have a new Personal Trainer on your team or an existing team member has an updated profile, you can easily share this profile to Facebook for the benefit of both your community and the Trainer.

Care to see some of these features in action? Head to and check out a selection of candidates on our home page.

There is a number of reasons to celebrate having registered professionals on staff. If you’d like to make it easier for your qualified staff to get registered by reducing their registration fees, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.


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