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Being Found By Employers is Now Easier Than Ever


Our latest HealthyPeople release is a HUGE update to the candidate search tool. Not only have we changed the way profiles are found, we’ve also made big changes to how you are presented to employers.

More opportunities will come from more complete profiles. AS shown above, more information is included in the search results, including your experience, qualifications and social networks (if you’ve provided them). Via the VIEW MORE button, employers can see your profile paragraph and any additional job category experience and qualifications.


We’re still concious of your privacy. If an employer is not logged in, or if they have not purchased access, your profile will appear as follows…


New release highlights…

Regions are out – Location is in.

As per the job search tool, candidates can now be found by employers using a location search rather than regions.

One list to rule them all.

Rather than a list of Promoted Candidates and another for the Local Candidate Database, we’ve included all candidates on the one list. Promoted candidates at the top and then in order of most recently active. This is a great way to be found by employers – update your profile and, to ensure you remain at the top of the list, request promotion.

This is a significant leap forward in our drive to better connect employers and professionals. If you do experience any problems or have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.


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