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Finding Local Fitness Candidates is Now Easier Than Ever.


Our latest HealthyPeople release is a HUGE update to our candidate search tool. Not only have we changed the way profiles are presented, we’ve also made big changes to how you find relevant profiles.

The above image shows that more information is included in the search results, including the ability to request a CV from within the search results themselves. But that’s not all, by clicking on the VIEW MORE button, you can actually view all details from the search results (see below), including the ABOUT ME details and any additional job categories or qualifications present. No more linking out to a second page and then having to navigate back.


You can now find candidates in relation to your club location (see below). Enter your suburb or postcode and any other relevant parameters to quickly find the right people for your team.


New release highlights…

We’ve cut to the chase.

As an employer, when you log in the first place you are taken to is a list of all candidates within 15km of your facility. From there you can drill down by distance, job category, qualification and/or key word(s).

Regions are out – Locations are in.

There is no more searching for candidates in a region, candidates are now sorted by those within 5km, 10km or 15km of your facility. Furthermore, this is based on where the candidate is located, we’ve removed the option for candidates to nominate where they would like to work.

The results are sorted by when last active, not distance. That way you can zero in on those that are most likely to be considering new opportunities.

Separate pages for professional profiles are G-O-N-E, gone!

It’s now easier and quicker to view all the details you need – simply click VIEW MORE in the search results and the profile expands to reveal more detail. No more leaving the page and having to return for another candidate

One list to rule them all.

Rather than a list of Promoted Candidates and another for the Local Candidate Database, it’s all on the one list. Promoted candidates at the top and then in order of most recently active.

Download limits have been removed.

The 20 CV download limit on the old Local Candidate Database is gone. You’re welcome.

You don’t even need to be at your desktop.

Candidate search results now render beautifully on your phone!

This is a significant leap forward in our drive to better connect employers and professionals. If you do experience any problems or have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.


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