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Your Job Application Checklist (bookmark this).


Making a good impression with a job application is not as hard as it might seem.

Assuming that you meet key criteria, the role of your resume is simply to make this clear. To make this easy for you, following is a list of things to take into account for each of your applications.

If you want to take it to the next level, download our checklist and job application insight sheet (link below).

Have you included a cover letter?
Applications via HealthyPeople allow you to include a cover letter as part of the application email (not as an attachment). It is HIGHLY recommended that you include a cover letter, remembering…

Has the cover letter been addressed to the right person?
Most job ads will provide a name to address your application to. A simple way to attract the attention of the recruiting manager is to address your application to them.

Have you addressed the key points in the job ad?
Job ads will always indicate what the employer sees as important requirements for the job. To give your application a better than average chance of success, address these criteria in your cover letter.

Has the attached resume been converted to a PDF?
Converting word documents to a PDF is easily done with any word editor and not only ensures that your CV can be opened by any user, it also guarantees it will look exactly as you intended.

Is your resume a maximum of two pages?
No matter who you are and what experience you have, no resume needs to be longer than two pages. There is no need for any details that are not relevant to the job advertised. A resume is designed to get an interview, not be a life story.

Does your resume present the most relevant and recent experience first?
Employers spend only seconds looking for your experience and qualifications that support your application, so make sure the most relevant information is easily seen.

Have start and end dates been included for all work experience and education?
It’s important to include these so that employers can put together a timeline for your professional history.

For bonus points: Is your email address professional?
Your email address is one of the first things an employer will learn about you. Forget fun and spirited, the safest bet with job applications is to maintain a professional appearance.

I wish you every success with your applications. If you’re applying for a Personal Training role, you may wish to check out our article on ‘What to wear to a Personal Training job interview‘.

Download our job application check list here (we’ve squeezed three DL checklists on an A4 page – you’re welcome, environment).

Regards, Dennis.

Picture 15Founder and Managing Director of HealthyPeople and FITREC. Driven to help people enjoy the career/business in fitness that they’re looking for. Catch my HealthyPeople updates via @dennishosking


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