Articles for Professionals

Fitness Professionals, now you can showcase skills, experience, connections and qualifications


FITREC, created by HealthyPeople is an industry registration alternative with a focus on employment and career progression.

As a result of our career focus, FITREC profiles are designed to best represent you to employers and clients…

  • ALL professional development and qualifications can be listed
  • There is opportunity to include video – introduce yourself to clients and employers at first contact
  • There is space for you to describe yourself in your own words
  • Proudly display your depth of professional experience for all to see
  • Use our ‘References’ feature to have others speak on your behalf
  • Easily share individual references or your entire profile to Facebook or LinkedIn (great for employers to showcase staff)
  • You choose your own vanity URL – your name, your business name, your choice.

Importantly, our office is available to help you create the best profile possible.

As a FITREC candidate, the best of the HealthyPeople services are also available to you…

  • Help with creating job applications that get read
  • Assistance building your HealthyPeople profile
  • Unlimited promotion to employers in your area – This means connecting with jobs before they’re advertised
  • Industry updates and access to our network of industry contacts

Who is eligible for FITREC Recognition?

Our interest is in showcasing professionals from all job categories – Not just Personal Training and Group Fitness. All requests for FITREC Recognition are considered in the context of career focus.

This service is not for everyone. Experience, qualifications and professional development will be taken into account.

We appreciate that not everyone has hundreds of dollars lying around (especially when starting out).

Our $120 fee for 12 months Recognition is made up of one payment of $60 then (after six months) six monthly payments of $10.

NOTE for Head Start candidates: Your initial payment is just $20 ($60 less your $40 Head Start fee = $20).


Step 1. Register with FITREC.

Step 2. Follow the Recognition link when logged in to purchase.

Step 3. We will contact you within two business days to help set things up, answer questions and activate your profile.

Still not sure? Give us a call on 03 9021 0836 and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Regards, Dennis.

Picture 15Founder and Managing Director of HealthyPeople and FITREC. Driven to help people enjoy the career/business in fitness that they’re looking for. Catch my HealthyPeople updates via @dennishosking


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