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Three Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for Fitness Jobs


When applying for fitness jobs of the same type (eg. Membership Sales, Admin, Personal Training, etc.) there is often a temptation to use a ‘one application suits all’ approach for both cover letters and CVs. While your CV might get away with being familiar from one job to the next (highlighting the same relevant qualifications and experience), your cover letter really does need to reflect the different opportunities.

Firstly, identify the key concerns or desires that the recruiting manager has outlined in their job ad.

Even here, you’re likely to see similarity in different opportunities. Approach each of these points in the context of the business. It will provide a better angle from which to answer.

(If applying for a role via an employer profile on HealthyPeople, take note of the things that seem to be an important focus for the business.)

Secondly, know what your strengths are and how they would be of use to the business.

Especially as they relate to the key concerns / desires mentioned above.

While you have the luxury of going in to greater detail in an interview, for the cover letter, stick to ascertainable facts about yourself that address key points important to the employer.

Finally, get to know the business.

Here’s the thing, there are very few fitness business that open up to be the same as the next guy. Pretty much every one of them started a business to address a particular concern – even if it’s not immediately obvious, it’s there.

If you’re able to identify what they’re in the market to achieve, you’re in a better position to tailor your application to suit. Come up with three or four reasons (for yourself) why you would like to work for the business (if you can’t – do you really want the job?).

Remember that you are trying to sell yourself to the business, so know your pitch. Tell a story that shows how this position fits in with your career path. Recruitment is a two way street – Your goal is to clearly align what the organisation needs with what you have to offer.

Regards, Dennis.

Picture 15Founder and Managing Director of HealthyPeople. Suffer the curse of thinking all my ideas are good ones. Driven to help people enjoy the career/business in fitness that they’re looking for. Catch my HealthyPeople updates via @dennishosking


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