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Our New Head Start Program for Fitness Students


It’s not easy to get started in a new industry, and the fitness industry is no exception. 

Unfortunately new graduates can get lost among the options, struggle to generate any options or find themselves heading in the wrong direction entirely. 

We think that much of this can be avoided if students have dedicated employment support and coaching, as well as the highest possible industry exposure PRIOR to graduation.

And no one has the employment connections or experience like a national industry recruiter. So we figure it’s time for HealthyPeople to step up!


You can achieve a lot between now and when you’re actually qualified; Learn from industry professionals; Get to know industry employers; Learn more about available opportunities and; Ensure that when qualified, your best foot is forward.

Our FITREC Head Start program includes…

  • 12 weekly insights. Each edition covering a relevant topic – all designed to give you an edge on completion of your course.
  • A FITREC (Student) profile. Starting today, let’s build a profile that employers and clients can get excited about.
  • Student insurance. 12 months of liability insurance ($10M) is a great thing to have – just in case. We’ve got you covered.
  • Promotion to employers. Whether for work experience or a job, we’re the only service that can get you in front of all employers.
  • Cover letter and resume tune up. Avoid landing in the bin. We’ll help you build an application that gets read.

All of this is included in our one off Head Start fee of $40 – FULLY credited to your Recognition fee* when qualified.

Give yourself the smoothest possible transition to industry, both professionally and financially.

If you’d like to save money on Recognition and start building your industry presence, sign up up via this link.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 03 9021 0836.

Regards, Dennis.

Picture 15Founder and Managing Director of HealthyPeople. Suffer the curse of thinking all my ideas are good ones. Driven to help people enjoy the career/business in fitness that they’re looking for. Catch my HealthyPeople updates via @dennishosking

* You’ll need Recognition and Insurance to work as a Personal Trainer. Your Head Start program reduces this initial cost to just $20!


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