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A Fitness Manager’s Manifesto


Leading a team of fitness professionals, whether a small division or an entire club, can be a challenge.

But it’s a challenge worth rising to – Management is always a huge influence on staff turnover (or, preferably, lack thereof).

To help you stay on top of your management game here’s a 10 point manifesto to work from…

1. Always get the full story before making a decision.

2. Deal with the issue, not the person. We have all made poor decisions. You learned and grew, so will everybody else.

3. When required, do the menial tasks. Even if nobody knows you did it. Do it in service of the business and everything that it (and you) stand for.

4. You can’t do everything. Recognise this, close your eyes, fall backwards, and learn to trust in your team.

5. There is always a more efficient way to do the things you do. It’s your mandate to find this solution.

6. Figure out which people rely on you and how you can help them be self-sufficient. It may feel great being the ‘go to’ person, but if you can free up more of your time, you’re in a better position to fix / improve other systems.

7. Say less.

8. Dole out thanks and encouragement significantly more often than you would opinions.

9. Facilitate the success of others.  Be the person that launches careers, not someone that holds them back.

10. Remain calm. The greatest managers are able to keep their head when all around them are losing theirs.

Working in fitness is not always ‘running on the beach with movie stars’. This reality can sometimes hit hard for industry professionals. As a leader, your ability to provide the best possible support and direction for your team during the tougher times will be rewarded many times over in reduced turnover.


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