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What Goodlife Personal Trainers Think About Personal Training



Do you want to know what it’s like to work as a Personal Trainer?

What gets Goodlife Trainers out of bed in the morning?

What are the realities of being a Personal Trainer?

And what is it like to work as a Personal Trainer with Goodlife?

I recently put these questions to 400+ Goodlife Personal Trainers.

Read on for some great insight in the (unedited) comments below.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Giving to others and helping people chang their lives for the better and them going on to help others do the same. – Ray Brown, Nerang.

I enjoying hanging out with my friends all day! No seriously, I love the fact that you become a part of peoples day, week, routine and journey. I get to share the most amazing results my clients get and experience throughout their training. – Angela Thomas, Kingsway

Socializing and having a joke with your clients

Being able to help others achieve their goals is the most satisfying thing about this job, if I can put a smile on their face at the end of the day then I’ve done my job. – Jamie Martin, Nerang

Fulfilling other people’s lives!

Changing there aspects of healthy eating and training

Seeing the changes in clients life for the better. Also to motivate the person that has less hope of change. – Ehab El Fazei, Morningside

Helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals and seeing their wonderful reactions when they see their results.  – Sophie Connell, Goodlife Nerang

I have no problem in saying its the money that gets me out of bed. We all get out out of bed each day to earn money in one way or another, however doing something that feels really rewarding makes the 4:40am starts just a bit easier than many other jobs. – Matt Warren, Goodlife Graceville

Showing people just how strong (mind and body) they really are. Most have no idea what they’re capable of until they’re pushed. – Anonymous

What are the lesser know realities of Personal Training?

People changing appointments all of the time.

People look to you expecting you to have all of the answers re fitness and health – sometimes they think you know what a doctor or a physio or a nutritionist would know.

For me its not just about Personal training my clients. Its about the whole journey. Being there as a PT, as an ear, as a friend, as a shoulder. It can be very draining at times. Reality is, not everyone is in the right head space or even 100% ready to commit to achieving what it is they say they want to achieve. You have to show them the way, guidance, understanding and persistence. If they want it enough the switch happens. Your work revolves around your clients. Normally early mornings and late evenings. – Angela Thomas, Kingsway

Hearing peoples stories of the challenges they’ve faced due to lack of exercise/activities or even their physical appearance. Being a personal trainer allows me to help people bring out their inner self. Being able to see who they really are and boost their confidence – Jamie Martin, Nerang

Getting up early in winter.

Motivating the un-motivated.

Unfortunately to be successful Personal Training is you have to become a sales person. – Ehab El Fazei, Morningside

The hours are hard to get used to and the background work that goes behind all the client scheduling, chasing up clients, etc. is a lot of hard work – Sophie Connell, Goodlife Nerang

Heaps of these: 1. Getting up at 4:40am, doing a split shift and finishing at 8pm day in, day out can get tiring. 2. Understand that most of your clients will never reach their goal no matter what you do for them. 3. It takes 1 year of hard work with very little pay to eventually build a sustainable business. 4. There is a lot of downtime, its what you do with that downtime that will separate the successful trainers from the rest of the pack. – Matt Warren, Goodlife Graceville

There are moments when you feel that your time isn’t valued. Whether that’s because people simply don’t turn up to a scheduled session (after reminding them the night before) or are regularly late to sessions. Listening to clients’ day-to-day life issues can also be taxing at times. You also need to sift through a lot of rejections before you find clients that are interested in paying.

Why Goodlife?

The atmosphere of the gym is warm and there are plenty of members coming through.

It feels like family – Angela Thomas, Kingsway

Goodlife isn’t like any other gym I’ve been to. The atmosphere is amazing and the facilities are great. Every staff here is approachable and we always have a smile on our face. Its not one of those jobs where you go to work, do your business and head off at the end of the day, its more like a second home. – Jamie Martin, Nerang

Great vibe.

Excellent clients.

Good atmosphere.

I started with Goodlife as a Personal Trainer over 6 years ago in Sydney, after working in other gyms 3 years later I started to enjoy less being in gyms. Now I have started with Goodlife in Brisbane after some year, I have the spark back and the spirit of the awesome atmosphere and excellent management systems. – Ehab El Fazei, Morningside

I really love the flexibility they provide and the our club at Nerang is down to earth and everyone is genuine   – Sophie Connell, Goodlife Nerang

Because it is in Goodlife’s best interests for you to be a long term successful trainer. goodlife will put everything in place for you to make that happen.  – Matt Warren, Goodlife Graceville

I’m surrounded by other PTs whom are extremely knowledgeable, particularly those whom have been doing it for over a decade. As a new PT, I’m at Goodlife to learn as much as I possibly can to not only ensure I’m successful, but also my clients. After all, a personal trainer’s success is built from their clients’ success.

Thank you to all the Goodlife Trainers that took the time to respond.


2 thoughts on “What Goodlife Personal Trainers Think About Personal Training

    • Thank you for the comment. One of the greatest things about working in this industry is the passion that people have for what they do. And it`s often more than a passion for helping others. We also see an enthusiasm for improvement, both personally and professionally and for running a successful fitness business. And when you`re mixing with people like this most of the day, it`s pretty hard not to love what I do. 🙂


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