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Should Photo’s be Included on a CV?

Photos on your CV – What’s the prevailing wisdom? Oversharing or an advantage? Becky and I butt heads on this and come to a conclusion.


4 thoughts on “Should Photo’s be Included on a CV?

  1. Pam says:

    I don’t think so. Your aim is to meet the requirements of the job, not set up a dinner date. Your qualifications, work and volunteer history will define you plenty. If your reliant on putting your pic up to get the job, you really need to bump up your qualifications.


    • Hi Pam, I agree – to a point.

      When applying for jobs, yes, a photo can be a distraction and, depending on the image, can negatively influence an employers opinion. However, things have changed a lot with the advent of social media, there are few employers that won’t be searching online for images and information to back up claims on a CV. So, while I wouldn’t go for an image first up on a CV, I think there is value in linking to a professional profile (eg. LinkedIn, FITREC) where there is a professional image and further information to back up the CV.

      Cheers, D.


  2. I definitely think there is a place for adding a photo on a CV but it depends on your situation. People have an immediate emotional response to “pleasing” photos and a professionally taken photo that highlights your fitness attributes and a smile that gives a positive hint to your personality can absolutely making a strong instant first impression. For me, I find it a definite plus because at 57 years of age, anyone reading my CV employment history will quickly deduce roughly how old I must be and most younger people would instantly think of a frail or overweight image of a post-menopausal-aged woman. But after a lifetime of weight training and the past 10 years of being a recreational marathon runner I now have a very fit and sculpted figure and still manage to obtain a Boston Marathon qualifying time in at least one marathon a year. When you are a long way off the “norm” in a positive way then I think it’s essential to add a professional photo that exhibits your “extra-ordinary” physical attributes.
    EVERYBODY creates an instant first impression of people when you first set eyes on them, even before they open their mouth – it’s how our brains work, for better or for worse. When employers are receiving many CV’s from potential applicants who all might have similar relevant experience, a pleasing professional photograph could just make the difference that sets you apart from the crowd and attracts attention. Every little bit helps.


    • What an excellent post on the value of a photo on a CV! Thank you very much, Amanda. We have a number of mature age Trainers in our system and your advice is something I will be sharing. You’ve also further highlighted the value in our FITREC profiles for industry professionals, so thank you again!


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