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No Qualifications, No Problems – Your Questions Answered.


Among our ads for Personal Trainers, some mention additional opportunities to get started without qualifications.

These are opportunities to gain your fitness qualifications in the midst of a successful fitness business.

Rather than operate out of a single venue or online, AIPT has sourced ‘campuses’ all over Australia. These campuses can provide you with valuable on the job experience while completing your fitness certifications.

Following are some answers to the more common questions…

Will I be paid to get my Fitness qualifications?

No. On completion of the course, some employers, such as Goodlife Health Clubs and Genesis Fitness, offer a guaranteed role as a Personal Trainer. Other facilities will obviously look to employ from within, but cannot guarantee opportunities will be available on completion of the course.

Can I work in industry prior to completing my Certificate IV in Fitness?

Many students find opportunities within each campus for paid work in admin, reception, sales or client services roles. Working as a Personal Trainer, however, is not possible without qualifications (and insurance).

Once qualified, how many hours would be available as a Personal Trainer? Are roles part time/full time/contract?

Hours and employment status varies considerably from gym to gym. The fantastic thing about getting your fitness qualifications is that they can be used in any facility (or in your own business), so there is no need to feel limited in the scope of your opportunities.

How does gaining qualifications in the workplace differ from the required work experience?

When gaining accreditation via AIPT, you are partnered with a gym owner or manager, who is as committed to your course completion as you are. Work experience alone tends to be less directed. The time spent with your appointed gym owner / manager can count towards your work experience hours but we always recommend sourcing experience in two or more venues.

In general, how does it all work?

AIPT has a network of gyms all over Australia that are desperate for properly trained Personal Trainers. And there’s no better way for employers to guarantee high calibre Trainers than to train them in house.

By teaming up with the AIPT these employers are able to help make it happen. Students get to learn in environments where (often) they want to work. They receive superior industry insight and experience as a result of developing with employers that have a vested interest in developing superior industry professionals.

For more information on potential certification opportunities in your area, contact AIPT on 1300 880 255.


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