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One Thing That Really Cheeses Off Job Applicants


As we gather more feedback on what job applicants enjoy and don’t enjoy about the job application process, one thing comes up again and again….

Never hearing back from employers regarding their application.

Sure, it’s fair for any applicant to assume that if they’ve had no word from an employer, they’re no longer in the running for the job. The problem is, as a candidate, until you completely give up hope, you’re left waiting anxiously for any word on your application progress.

This can manifest itself in email and phone enquiries to employers, which is interrupting to our day to day schedule. It doesn’t look good for the candidate and can be an annoyance / interruption for the employer.

Do you want to attract the best candidates?

The best candidates want to know that you’re on top of things. They want to know that you care. And keeping applicants informed of the recruiting process goes a long way towards answering both these questions. It shows a level of respect for those that applied and sets a benchmark for how your (future) staff are to operate when working under your banner.

Here’s TWO WAYS that HealthyPeople can help you make the best possible impression with applicants.

FIRSTLY, use the HealthyPeople Job Feed.

This is a new micro blogging tool attached to every job. When logged in, head to your ad preview and select ‘View Feed’ or ‘Add post’. Both of these take you to a page where you can contribute to the post attached to your job. For example, when the ad is first listed, post to the Job Ad Feed that you’ll be updating applicants on progress via the feed. You can also invite contributions from those that would like to know more.

Not only is information in one place for other candidates considering the role, one update saves you notifying many. That is, you’re able to provide candidates with the desired feedback on general progress without taking more than a couple of minutes from your schedule.

SECONDLY, get HealthyPeople to notify unsuccessful candidates.

As part of our job advertising service we can send ‘Thank you, the position has been filled’ letters to candidates that were unsuccessful with their application. Again, this is a gesture that shows respect for those that applied and increases the standing of your business as an employer of choice.

The recruiting process has leveled out considerably in recent years. We believe our Job Ad Feed takes things even further. Smaller businesses are now able to punch well above their weight with time saving tools that provide greater reach and larger employers have the ability to put greater personality into their recruiting process.

For more information on our Job Ad Feed or our ability to notify unsuccessful candidates on your behalf, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.


Picture 15Dennis Hosking,
Managing Director,

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