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The True Value in Posting Job Ads to Social Media


Recruiting information doesn’t often feature on the social media timelines for fitness businesses. Which is a shame. I believe it’s an opportunity to personalise your business, connect with your community (including staff and clients), showcase the work you do and demonstrate the care with which you do it.

When you do choose to share a job ad on your social media channels, the true value in doing so has little to do with the number of followers you have and more to do with the number of people prepared to share it. It’s this act of sharing that gives each post a level of endorsement that helps cut through much of the social media noise.

Obviously you can ‘Boost’ a post on various platforms (in particular Facebook and Twitter) for a fee that varies according to your desired parameters. At HealthyPeople we’ve experimented with these boosts for job ads with limited success. At the end of the day, when it comes to using social media for job ads, nothing beats the value of shares from people connected (in some way) to the business.

For this reason, all job ads listed via HealthyPeople receive neatly packaged social media posts that contain an image, text and link to the ad so that employers can easily share among their communities.

Look at it this way, for jut a few seconds of effort, you’re increasing the value of your job ad investment.

You’re getting job details among people that are likely to…

  • Know your facility
  • Hang out with people that share the same interests

And as more people share, the more likely it is that you’ll be viewed as an employer of choice.

If other people are reading updates extolling the virtues of your facility as a place of work, it just might increase the desirability of your venue as a place to work out – If you’re going to invest money in putting your name out there (to find candidates), why not use it as an opportunity to shine some light on your image.

If your business is growing and you need more staff, tell everyone. If you’re building a better, more committed team, why not spruik it? If you require team members to have certain skills and experience, why not share this speciality?

There is no better way to reach more people for an investment of nothing more than a couple minutes.


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