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Let’s Be Clear, No Two Fitness Jobs are the Same


It’s time to get something straight – NO TWO FITNESS JOBS ARE THE SAME!

Agreed, there is consistency across jobs, but it’s the differences that are going to determine your overall job satisfaction.

What sort of things should you consider before sending your application? (while I refer largely to Personal Trainers, the principles are the same for any role with a fitness group)

Location. While it’s relatively easy to justify a 45 minute drive to get to a full time role, it’s harder to continue justifying the same trip for a single 30 minute Personal Training session (at 6.00am). The majority of roles in the industry are not full time, so be realistic about travel expectations. The closer you are to the business, the greater the chance of the role working for you in the long term.

Employment conditions. Personal Trainers are either an employee (paid per session), on contract (paid per session) or on a rental/franchise model (paying a weekly rent). There are pro’s and con’s for each, understand them and be aware of your preference. Please note, employed roles for Personal Trainers are rare (and not necessarily as good an option as you might think).

Style of training. With variations that include bootcamps, crossfit, outdoor group PT, one on one, Group PT, MMA, body building, etc… finding a group that shares your particular enthusiasm will make for a more enjoyable and enriching workplace.

Client base. Can you identify with or relate well with a specific population? For example, kids, the elderly, women’s only facilities, rehabilitation, corporate heath, pre and post-natal, body building, etc. If you have a strength with a particular population, play to it (no matter what role you’re going for).

Future opportunities. If your goal is to work up to a Club Manager/Club owner, then working for a larger club or group of clubs is a logical step. If your focus is the one on one contact with clients or becoming a specialist in a particular field, a smaller studio is likely to be a better fit.

Without focusing your attention on the reasons why you want to work with a particular business, your application will come across as generic. And these sorts of applications are easily identified (and often screened out) by employers.

By taking the time to learn more about an employer and then tailoring your CV and cover letter to suit, you are increasing the likelihood of getting the job you want.

Employers know that if you’re engaged with your place of work, you’ll perform at your best and your career is likely to soar.

Incidentally, if you’re looking for work, don’t restrict yourself to advertised jobs; You can also (1) Approach recruiting managers directly via Employer Profiles and (2) Create your own profile and get yourself promoted to all employers in your area (you can specify the type of role you’re looking for in your profile).

Do you have anything to add? Please include it in the comments.


Picture 15Dennis Hosking,
Managing Director,

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