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“Your Business is going to Sh*t in the Winter…” – Application Horror Stories

As employers, we’re required to endure many things, often with a smile. Taking offence to something is not a luxury we can afford. Overcoming obstacles is one of the joys of being in business. But that’s not to say that some things don’t get under our skin.

Something less obvious might irritate, like Personal Training candidates who believe that mentioning a desire to run their own business speaks volumes for their commitment. When in fact, such a comment conjures images of an ambitious Trainer taking off with a swag of hard earned clients.

Or it could be something more surprising, like a candidate answering their mobile phone in the middle an interview? As has happened to Jodie from Healthy Balance Fitness?

Or downright startling, as experienced by Stephanie at Alive Personal Training;

I received an application from a girl with a cover letter that mentioned she “works for herself, summer is over, can’t handle early mornings in the dark and rain.” I replied that, being a mobile PT company, early starts in the dark and rain is going to be a major part of the role during this time of year, so it may be an idea to look for roles within a gym setting instead. The candidate replied back with, and I quote, “Your business is going down to s**t in the winter you stupid c**t.

Mercy! Is this girl kissing her mother with that mouth? No one deserves to hear that, especially Stephanie. She’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. It leaves me speechless.

Well, friends, here’s the opportunity for you to un-shoulder those burdens. The couch is free, lay down, relax and give air to your grievances. I can assure you, the process will be cathartic.

If we get enough material I’ll send out a newsletter to our 33,500 subscribers letting them know what to avoid in the job application and interview process.

We’ve set the bar pretty high, but if you do have something to add, please leave it in the comments below.

If the matter is particularly sensitive, you’re welcome to email me directly.

Regards, D.


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