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3 Ways to Make Your Current Job Ad Work Harder


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If you’re going to invest considerable time, effort and money in advertising your available role, you want to make sure you’re getting the greatest bang for your buck!

Using the HOOK, the CATCH and the TETHER, I’m going to tell you how to get your job ad delivering more for you, both now and into the future.

Firstly THE HOOK.

When it comes to finding a job ad, we’re all aware that candidates are spoiled for choice.

There are more big box clubs, 24/7 facilities, CrossFit facilities and independent operators than ever before. IN addition, we’ve seen, (especially in Victoria) a decrease in the number of qualified candidates entering the workforce.

As a result, I recommend shining more light on the compelling reasons for working with your business that differentiate you from others. While new facilities and/or the number of clubs you have around Australia are nice to know, they’re not necessarily tapping in to what motivates someone to turn up to work every day.

Focus more on support, culture, development and environment.

Support: Specify the immediate and ongoing support that staff will receive. Will you be providing mentors? Are there regular meetings with management? Will other team members provide official and scheduled assistance. The ability to succeed in a role seems so much more likely where there are established sources of assistance.

Culture: Take a look at CrossFit. Or at Les Mills. Culture speaks volumes and attracts die hard supporters. If you have a close knit team that gets together every month, or operate under clearly defined ideals, or use systems that reflect your unshakable beliefs, then sing it loud. You’re not going to appeal to everyone, but you’re more likely to hook the one you want! Don’t forget too, by focusing on an area, you’re creating an exclusive environment. And this alone can make your opportunity more desirable.

Development: If your business is a place that shapes leading professionals, make sure this is clear! If this is because of your structured professional development programs, this should be in your job ad. If a role is now available because the previous employee has moved on to bigger an better things (with or without your business), make that clear in the ad. Candidates want to know what their future might look like.

Environment: If there is something unique to your location, make that a selling point for your ad. After all, many roles are much of a muchness. But if working for you means afternoons on the beach, or the convenience of not having to drive to work, or dedicated nap space, use this to peak interest.

Once they apply, it’s about THE CATCH

One thing is for certain, applicants are applying for multiple opportunities. If you’re not responding in a timely fashion, there’s every chance you’ll lose out to an employer that is.

It doesn’t even have to be a phone call. You can set up an auto-responder that emails candidates a ‘Welcome to the application process’ email. One that introduces yourself and outlines the recruiting process.

The important thing is to make the connection. The sooner the candidate can see themselves as working for you, the more likely they are to wait until they’ve heard from you before making any decisions.

Make the current ad work for the future; TETHER great candidates

The best thing you can do to make the most of your advertising dollar is to start thinking about the next time you are going to need staff. Naturally you want your business to keep growing, you might want to take a holiday and you never know when a member of your current team is going to leave. So plan ahead.

If there is a great candidate that did not get the role with you, find a way to maintain the connection. Apart from the possibility of placing them in a role in the future, they’re more likely to connect you with someone else looking for an opportunity in the future.

You might have received an application from someone who is well under qualified for a role you have available. Before you cast them aside, check to see if there seems to be any potential. If there is, get them in for a chat. Make it clear that, while they are not suitable for the current role, you’re interested in connecting with them for opportunities in the future. If they interview well, why not take a chance on grooming them for future opportunities?

So there you have it, two tips to help get the the right person on board for your current role and one tip for using your current ad to assist with future recruiting needs.

Was this article useful? Let me know in the comments.

Regards, D.


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