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Get on the Good Foot With Social Media


I’ve spoken in the past about keeping your social networks in order. Legal or otherwise, employers are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to learn more about job applicants.

But tidying things up is a defensive move, this article is about going on the offensive with your social media. Hold tight, because I’m about to give you a simple but effective strategy to ensure your best foot is always forward.

Why does this matter to me? In the same way that you’ll use Yelp, Urbanspoon, TripAdvisor, etc to find out what sort of relationship people have had with a service or product, employers are keen to know what sort of relationship other people are having with you, and vice versa. And the best way to do that is see how you present yourself online. Again, this not strictly legal, but it’s a reality.

We can tip things in your favour with a simple 1 – 7 – 30 approach. 

That’s one post a day, one item of support a week and one simple blog post every month.

Why is this system so awesome? When you seed the web with easily found information, you’re setting yourself up as an industry leader. For Personal Trainers, this is increasing your ability to pick up clients in your area. In addition, you’ll be connecting with other industry leaders, increasing the strength of your network, and this increases your employment opportunities.

IMPORTANT: I recommend creating a professional account(s). You don’t want to have your great, professional content mixed up with your personal / political / religious views.

Let’s get started…

One post a day.

Choose your preferred weapon, but Facebook or Twitter would be my pick. Instagram is also popular. The idea here is to share an item of professional relevance to you. It might be a link to an article or book you think is worth suggesting. It could be sharing of someone else’s post or it could be something you’ve observed that you think people in your industry would be interested in.

Time required: 5 to 10 mins per day

One item of support a week.

As you go through your week, you’ll see things that others have posted, including references to their blogs, YouTube clips, etc. Your task here is to make a comment on one of these blogs / vlogs each week. It’s that easy.

Obviously commenting on a blog by Tim Ferris or Richard Branson is nice, but it’s not going to pay dividends as much as connecting with one of our industry leaders. It could be a CEO, a popular Trainer, a co-worker or even our (new) blog at HealthyPeople. It doesn’t have to be much, just keep it sincere. If an article resonates with you, mention that. If you think they’ve missed something you could ask a question about a related issue.

Get amongst it, get known and add to your searchable content (not to mention, link to it in your daily post)

Time required: Maybe 30 minutes, once a week.

One blog / video every month.

OK, this is a tougher one, but it doesn’t need to be as big as it sounds.

Set yourself up with a blog site – or contribute to another, such as your employer’s.

No matter what role you are in (Admin, Personal Trainer, Sales, Management, whatever), put together a few lines that will provide some information for your target market. Less is more – and more likely to be read. The idea is to provide something that answers a question. Something that your clients can link to (or share, if relevant).

Again, this would absolutely be one of your daily posts.

Time required: Maybe an hour or two, once a month.

Two very important things to remember…

  1. Very few people are going to see what you post (especially in the beginning). But that’s fine. The aim is not to set the world on fire as much as leave a trail for people that are looking for you. So don’t worry if you feel a bit lonely out there.
  2. You’re playing the long game and you’re going to learn a lot on the way. ‘It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen’.

If you decide to get this started, let me know, and HealthyPeople will get on board as a follower.

Take care, D.


2 thoughts on “Get on the Good Foot With Social Media

  1. I have found that social media – Twitter in particular – has been the best way to connect and build relationships with the leaders in my industry. I am a massive fan of using social media to build my professional presence!


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